Vietnam launched

The first unofficial CryptoSky public meeting with 250 in attendance took place on December 11, 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Our company was excited to support this event not only financially but also in the person of our CEO, Jakub Nemecek.

CryptoSky wants to thank Mr. NguyễnVănQuý who prepared the whole event and who is a respectable CryptoSky partner that enjoys our complete support for further, successful development in South-East Asia.


We highly value all our partners who share our vision of becoming the dominant player at crypto-market with our unique ecosystem where everybody finds its own benefits and from which all members will be profiting.

We also want to give our thanks to all users who share our project in other countries. CryptoSky is an open company and our management is ready to take part in events all around the world to inform the general public and to establish sincere, open and fair relationships.

More marketing materials are under way, as well as improvements in your Back Office, new information and additional payment options. Our current focus is on our own ICO the launch of which will be announced shortly.

We just want to ask you to be patient. Under the pressure from our eager users, our project was launched a full month earlier and we are really doing our best for each one of you to be happy and to have the best and most positive experiences with our system. Our IT team works very hard so that we can implement our plans as soon as possible.

Now, we would like to announce that the first milestone of 1,000 CryptoSky users has just been reached. Thank you!

Please, follow us on Facebook and for technical news we also recommend following our Telegram channel.

Thank you for being with us.

Your CryptoSky team.