We are finalising the application and preparing the launch

In August 2016,the CryptoSky platform began developing. It was not easy to make the decision to make our own development, but we already know it was the right way. For the purpose of the CryptoSky future ecosystem, it is absolutely necessary to have own platform, which will be constantly evolving.

A few points concerning the application
  • Basic development has taken over 3,200 hours of work to date
  • We do not use external payment gateways, we create all by our own
  • We put tremendous emphasis on the stability of the system at a heavy load
  • Security for both the application and the server is a whole new ball game
  • Expect an intuitive, easy-to-use application
    • The platform at the highest level in all aspects is the result of the work. But we are already preparing a development plan for the next 3 months.

      The platform will be open to main leaders on 24/11/2017