Overview Of the Company Portfolio, December – January

We would like to tell you about our activities during December 2017 and January 2018. Both the experienced and lay users and newcomers to cryptoworld must have noticed that the turn of the year is always a very interesting period in cryptomarket. Those of you who have been in this market for several years know very well that during this period and with a suitable strategy your portfolio can be multiplied although externally it looks as if everything is in depression. As anticipated, December 2017 was a very successful month, mainly in ATH’s achieved by many cryptocurrencies. For example, Qtum went from $13.00 all the way up to $50.00, thus reaching our target. Thanks to insider information about Bitcoin Cash listing on Coinbase, the exchange was our clear choice, and so 400 % profit from Qtum was doubled due to the growth in BCH. There were countless similar possible trades in December. You can see our December favorites in the chart below.

Graph 1

Our overall profit in our entire portfolio was 447 % in December 2017.

The prices went down since the end of December 2017, as is the trend each year, and the prices started to return from their peaks to their usual values. With a view to the fact that December was profitable beyond expectation the correction was anticipated to be higher than usual. After the first week in January 2018, it was practically clear that the annual January sales scenario would repeat itself. So, the target was plain – to sell the currencies with the highest profits in December 2017 to return these to our portfolio during the correction, in volumes of tens of percents higher, and to leave the rest of the portfolio in more stable currencies. You can see the percentage growth in the volume of some currencies in our portfolio in the chart below.

Graph 1

Our overall percentage growth of our trading portfolio was 36 % in January 2018.

Our next promising investments went into ICO’s of Crypterium and Winding Tree that we can recommend even to you, if not for your own investment then at least to follow them. At this time, we are interested in the ICO market also in connection with the launch of our own ICO of EXcoin.

Uranium keeps its value with minimal fluctuations. Platinum showed a growth of 15 % during December 2017.

So, we can see the turn of 2017/2018 as very successful.

We would also like to apologize to you for any inconvenience in the temporary limitations in withdrawals. We made this decision to maintain the stability of our system and reserves. This is our reaction to the current extreme market situation and we believe that this is the best way both for our company and for our investors. We suppose that this situation will clear up in matter of days. We will be doing our best to add more options for withdrawals. In addition to Bitcoin, there should be more options not linked to cryptocurrencies. This way, we can prevent similar situations in the future. Of course, we will be informing you about any new developments.

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