Cryptocurrencies are becoming a practical part of our lives and they must be easy-to-use for everybody. We are bringing to the world a complete, easy-to-use solution for your everyday life: Profitable cryptocurrencies trading done by team of experienced professionals, dedicated blockchain, cryptocurrency with mining and wallets for iOS and Android, exchange and physical ATM's.

Trust is the key to long-term stability. That's why trust is the main building block of CryptoSky when it comes to all users who believe in us.

We also give you a great passive income, freedom and focused community.


"The complete ecosystem for your everyday life." This vision of CryptoSky and all related projects was born in the mind of one of the investors more than three years ago. Half a year later, four Angel Investors were involved. And all of them together started to turn their dream into reality.

And here you have a great opportunity to become a part of something really big that changes the whole game.


CryptoSky brings many fields under just one roof: Our own market place, exchange, blockchain, cryptocurrency, wallet, mining, ATM's and new technologies.

"CryptoSky's vision surpasses what we can see now. It's not only an investment project or easy money. It is a complete ecosystem in an emerging world."



  • Cash Flow Financial backing for company operations
  • Development Our own exchange, cryptocurrency, wallet and technologies
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Strategic market solution
  • Trading Daily cryptocurrencies trading by a professional team.
  • Angels' Projects Business relationships and contacts
  • ICOs and Start-ups Analyses and investments into promising projects
  • Commissions Ready for Pay-Outs Users and their benefits
  • Information Trading Trading based on insider information

Road Map

  • Contract between the Investors and CEO
    Management structure
    Trading team
    System and solutions development
    Announcements for leaders and general public
    Meeting of leaders and CEO
    Testing and beta operations
    System launch and registrations

  • Ceremonial opening of markets
    Adding more languages and launching of support
    Development of iOS/Android apps
    Mining farm launch
    Development of our exchange and cryptocurrency
    Strategic placement of ATMs

  • Opening of more markets
    Strategic adding of other parts of the ecosystem
    Listing of our own cryptocurrency to other exchanges
    Adding more languages
    Organizing and holding global crypto-convention
    Complete audit and results analysist

  • Setting up of accepted standards on the crypto-market
    Development of revolutionary CysK system
    Annual event and introduction of CysK system


  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Neo
  • Verge
  • Omise
  • Binance
  • Others